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I was babysitting my nephew and my daughter one night at my sister in laws everyone was out . Now I was watching TV at the time while they were asleep now my daughter is 8 months and my nephew is 3 as I was watching TV I here my daughter cry I get up and have a look she was asleep I was wondering am I hering things so I go have a look at my nephew and he was asleep so I go back sit down and watch TV again then 5 mins later I here a sound like a sound from a little girl saying come here I got up again to have a look but as I went to open my nephews door something so fast rushed out his room

I go in the room to ask him what was that I was looking around and everything so I asked him his response was she is coming to get her she is coming to get her at the time I didn't understand why he was sitting in a weird way on his bed but as he said that and turned his head to look at me it was like he was scared to show me his eyes cause it was dark I turned the light on and then the light blow so I go turn the kitchen light on but that blow I was scared I didn't know at the time what to do so I go check on my daughter and I turn her light on but here's turned on but it was flickering as I turned it on I looked in the cot and she wasn't there I was panicking so I rushed to my nephews bedroom I said where is she where is she he said I told you she will get her at the time I was panicking then I go look she was in the kitchen in her high chair I couldn't understand it but she was fine thank god but for my nephew I couldn't understand as I was holding my daughter he come in the kitchen saying with his head down looking at his shoes. "she will never leave your side" then I heard foot steps it was my sister in law thank god I opened the door my nephew ran to his room closed the door

my sister in law come in side she said why is it so dark she turned the lights on checked her son and he was asleep she asked me if he was good I said in a shocked way yesss........ Then I went to check on him and I could here some talking in the room I opened the door and he was looking at me saying I'm sorry but he wouldn't stop saying it then my sister in law told me to close the door let him sleep so I did and then I sat down with my sister in law and explained everything she laughed at me and said that wouldn't happen that's a story are u sure your not sick ...

Well to tell u I never baby sat him again or talk to her or anything again now my daughter is 2 years of age and I can tell u know I know something is watching me


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