ByGuytano Law, writer at

I saw Ultron last night and really enjoyed all it had to offer. I went to a double feature, which included the first film. After becoming reckless and tired, the movie started. I went into the theater with expectations set high enough, that I really wanted to see certain events.Yet not enough,that I was going to complain if the source material wasn't frame for frame.

Without giving too many spoilers away, it is just balls to the wall action, right out of the gate! Kind of like watching an avengers tv show! The major set pieces are executed phenomenally well! The character development is leaps and bonds over the first movie. It almost seems like Whedon is Ultron. He was bound by strings of Disney and paramount, for the first film. Now that it has succeeded, he has no strings and made the movie that should've been made, the first time.

The movie has a great pace and comedic tone, that actually works! It seems like it has taken cues from the winter soldier, when it comes to pacing and direction. I can't really explain why I dislike the movie,but let's just say it's story elements,that could've been fixed.

Some of the new additions to the group,good and evil, steal the show. I'd watch a movie with just them. I'm interested to see where captain america:civil war and beyond takes our heroes, but this is a great start to 2015 summer movie season!


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