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American Horror Story is a very well known show among adults and teens. This show is pretty awesome honestly. I have seen every season and honestly don't know how i feel about the upcoming season if Jessica Lange will not be on anymore. But one thing we can all argue about is which season we liked the most.

1. Season One: Murder House

Season One was a really good start. I mean you just get really pulled into this like, Why are these kids so rude, what the hell they died? Why is that guy cheating. You know its just so much going on, but its good. My favorite character from this is kinda mix of Tate, Constance and Adelaide. I understand Tate's depressing nature, Constance being a bitch and Adelaide wanting to be like other girls. I definitely understand that feeling. But if you haven't seen any of these seasons you can go on Netflix and check it out. The whole season was very interesting with the mix of adultery and death. The characters were pretty great, so i guess i could give this season a 7 out of 10. And lets be honest Tate was probably the main reason we watched this.

2. Season Two: Asylum

Look at that magnificence.... Sorry. So this is season two, asylum. This one was better than season one. I loved it. The alien abduction, his love for two women, peoples struggles in this place, there's a lot of story here. And a lot of WTF so just brace yourself for the weird and crazy.

3. Season Three: Coven

Honestly i did not like this season at all. It had funny parts but i dislike Emma Roberts very much. She kinda just annoys me the only time i ever liked her even a little was in season four. This season was just too dragged out with her and their weird three way idk just not for me. Witches? Cool. Supreme? Awesome. Guy with a bulls head? badass. But all the rest was just kinda.... meh.

Where did you come from -_- get outta here

4. Season Four: Freakshow

To me this was the best one they have made yet. Loved it. Loved the characters, the story, the drama. There was so much pain and love in this show. Jimmy kinda pissed me off a lot and i actually felt sorry for Emma's character in this. Kinda cause she does bring it on herself. But you really need to see this season. I think my favorites were Twisty, Jimmy, and Ma petite. Twisty, because of his sad life story, Jimmy, because he was very sweet from the get go but made some mistakes and has had it hard, and ma petite, because shes little and adorable. And then there is my favorite part of jimmy...

5. Season Five: Hotel

Without Jessica I am sure this show wont be as good as it should be. But it will include: Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Dennis O'hare, Frances Conroy, Lady Gaga, Lily Rabe, Wes Bentley, Chloë Sevigny, Alexander Skarsgård, Donald Sutherland and others. So with this cast it might actually be good but who knows. Time will tell.


Which season did you like the best?


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