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We all love The Walking Dead, and for the people who have been fortunate enough to get to know some of these actors during conventions (like me) or simply in the streets, we've always heard that they are very nice and down to earth. So it's kind of hard to believe that all of a sudden one of them had a "meltdown" in public none the less, and coming from one of the most beloved characters since "Hershel" 's demise.

I'm talking about none other than Mr. Chad Coleman aka "Tyrese" himself. We all loved Tyrese, specially during his "baby sitter" phase right after Beth disappeared and he took on the role of baby Judith's aka "Little Ass Kicker" soft and lovable guardian. I know that a lot of actors have had meltdowns in the past and of course they use their celebrity status to try and show off, but I really cannot believe what happened on the NYC subway today.

Today on a subway train on NYC, Coleman was screaming, making sure everyone knows he's was Chad L. Coleman from "The Walking Dead" and "The Wire." His rant is nonsensical and ear-shattering loud. You see passengers recoil and eventually the seats around him are empty.

When TMZ tried contacting Chad about the meltdown this is what he has to say:

I heard a guy and a girl on the train talking, trying to figure out where they knew him. He says the guy told the girl, "No, we don't know that n*****," and that set him off.

As for the screams about humanity, he says he was referencing the problems in Baltimore. He says he was sober on the train. Check out the meltdown on the video below and tell me what you think.


Do you think Chad did the right thing by yelling at people??

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Source: TMZ


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