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My alter ego is Christian Meeder, and I have been leading a double life as the hero known as Ultraman! In order to find out how I became a hero, we must go back to the year 2000, when I was 5 years old. (I'm turning 20 this year on July 5.) Anyway, let's continue!

My backstory

When I was 5 years old, my parents were murdered by someone that had the ability to explode himself and reform. My uncle was taking me back home, and we reached home just in time to see that person, who we called the Detonator, on the front porch with my parents and suddenly exploded. No one but my uncle believed me. After that, I grieved for years, until I was 16 actually. On my sixteenth birthday, my uncle, who is a lead scientist in making weapons for the USA, showed me his newest invention, a machine that studied your DNA and gave you powers to match it. My uncle told me to never use it, but, of course, I used it. At the end of it, I had received the powers of laser vision, super strength, super speed, and flight, and durability.

So, I'm almost as powerful as this guy.
So, I'm almost as powerful as this guy.

After I had received my powers, I decided that I would use my new found abilities and my uncle's advanced tech to find the man who killed my parents and avenge them. But, of course, my uncle, being the super intelligent guy he is, found out of my plan to avenge my parents and stopped me. I still remember his words like they were said to me yesterday.

Christian, even with all of your amazing new super powers, even though you could kill the man who killed your parents, even though your the most powerful man alive as far as we know;avenging your parents won't change anything. Your parents will still be dead, and you will become what your parents would not want you to be... a villain. - My Uncle David

On that day, I became a hero that would protect the earth and anyone on it from any threat.

My life now

No, Yellowjacket, it's more than just kicking ass.
No, Yellowjacket, it's more than just kicking ass.

Well, what can I say? Just about every day there's someone who needs help. Whether it's stopping a bank robbery, getting a kitten out of a tree, or defending earth from aliens; I'm always there.

But the hardest part is keeping my identity a secret from everyone, including my girlfriend.

My worst enemy is Lord Thunder, who has the abilities of advanced/long life, durability, electricity, super strength, flight, and super speed. Lord Thunder also got his powers by stealing the blueprints for my uncle's machine and made his own.

Also, my uncle and I came up with my motto:

Beware the power, beware the might in brightest day and darkest night! I will defend earth from any threat, because I am ULTRAMAN!

I defend you, people of earth!
I defend you, people of earth!

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