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Welcome to another meh edition of 'mini-Interview'! And yes, the 'mini' isn't capitalized's mini.

Anyway, this week, I'll be interviewing a guy with a knack for coming up with so many convincing conspiracy theories, that I wouldn't be surprised if the FBI was keeping tabs on him! He became an internet sensation when one of his crackpot theories became an overnight success! Ladies, gentleman and swamp things (I don't discriminate), I'm of course talking about my good frienemy and co-podcast mate, Jon Negroni!

I cornered Jon in a supermarket near the vegetable aisle and asked him if I could ask him a couple of questions for this week's 'm-I'! He eventually said yes, and here we are! The questions and answers are below!

Question #1: How did you come up with the infamous Pixar theory?

I watched a lot of Pixar movies. Then I watched a Cracked video where they talked about linking a couple of the movies together and gave up. So I decided to just finish the job and connect the movies for them. It took me almost a full year to get it finished enough to publish. For example, I had to watch each movie at least a dozen times.

This is why Jon is such a strong-willed person. I could never watch Cars or Cars 2 a dozen times...


Seriously though, it's awesome how much dedication Jon put into coming up with this awesome theory! His Pixar Theory is the main reason why I'm such a theorist myself!

Question #2: Feel I should get this one out of the way early, what is your favorite Pixar film? If you say Cars 2, I promise to only lose a little bit of respect for you.

Just a little bit.
Just a little bit.
My favorite Pixar film is Toy Story, like most people. And by default, the second two movies tie into my overall favorite. Maybe it's the nostalgia thing talking, but Toy Story simply has the best story and most ambitious effects for its time. It's telling, though, that other Pixar movies are amazing enough to be considered for the #1 spot.

It's true, Pixar films are all masterpieces, and all of them are lovely enough to be considered for the top of any list! Except for the aforementioned Cars and Cars 2. What can I say? I'm just not a Cars series fan. Anyway, on to the next question!

I's french for 'let's go' ya know.
I's french for 'let's go' ya know.

Question #3: You're in a podcast now, with this super handsome guy named...Smadonis or something, and two others. When did the podcast start, and who came up with the idea for it?

Meh? What're ya gonna do?
Meh? What're ya gonna do?
"Now Conspiring" as most people currently know it kicked off in November, but the basis for the podcast started a year ago with a different cast and name. It was my idea from the start, from the name to the execution. For some reason, I've always had a huge affinity for podcasts in a way I just don't when it comes to videos. I love listening to them as much as I love writing, so it just made sense to create my own.

I can definitely agree that podcasts are something special. They're like more personal radio shows, where the speakers feel more real and less zany/cartoonish, if that makes sense. Anyway, you can hear Jon's beautiful hosting voice and my slightly less beautiful voice on Now Conspiring every week on Itunes or on Jon's website! Also on the podcast is the lovely Maria 'CineClub' Garcia and Mike Overkill. He's lovely too I guess.

Question #4: How did you first hear about

I had never heard of Moviepilot when they first contacted me. That should tell you how long ago this was considering how weird that sounds now. Writing with them over the years has been pretty great for that reason, since I've gotten the chance to watch the site blow up and become this massive platform.

I was lucky enough to check out the site during it's baby years, I happened upon it completely by chance. It's been awesome seeing the site grow, and I was proud to become a Creator last year!

Jon writes incredibly cool articles, so if you haven't already, you need to check out his Moviepilot profile! He's not paying me to plug him I swear, He's cheaper than Mr. Krabs.

More like Jon...Cheaponi? I don't know ignore this.
More like Jon...Cheaponi? I don't know ignore this.

Question #5: Besides writing awesome articles, what do you do?

Well, I also write books, but I guess that doesn't count. I play ukulele a lot and read a ton of fiction.

Reading books totally counts! Also, Jon owns a ukulele. I know you already read that up there but I need to clarify it. The man owns a ukulele. If that doesn't demonstrate to you how artistic he is, I don't know what will.

And for 'you and me' but that's besides the case.
And for 'you and me' but that's besides the case.

Question #6: You have a really cool story out called 'The Pixar Detective', how did you come up with the interesting premise of this story, and how long have you been working on it?

Pixar Detective was something sort of thrust upon me. People were and still call me the Pixar Detective, and fans of my theory clamored for more articles related to the theory. They would ask tons of questions about it, and I got tired of answering everyone individually. So I crafted a serial novel to address these questions with storytelling. The first chapter came out last April, and they've been coming every two weeks since. The first two books of it are out there and getting downloaded, while loyal readers are watching me finish the last book, which is about halfway finished.

If you haven't read 'The Pixar Detective', I highly recommend it. It's an awesome online novel that blends Jon's cool theory with really good storytelling. You can download and read the chapters here.

Final Question: Are there any future projects that you're working on that you can tell people about?

I have a ton of projects, both in infancy and in late stages. The big one right now is my first official book, "The Pixar Theory." It's been published and is set to release in the next few weeks. But my longterm plan is to move away from Pixar movies and produce my own work, starting with a fiction novel that's currently in development. It'll be a longer anthology if it finds an audience, so I'm pretty excited to wrap it up. Ideally, this is exactly what I'll be doing when I'm 75 and living in a beach house.

Awesome future plans Jon. So all of you Pixar Theory fans and general theory fans, be on the lookout for Jon's book, 'The Pixar Theory and any other future projects he has up his sleeve! Thanks for reading this awesome 'mini-Interview'!

I'm sure our paths will cross again! But until then...

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