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Hello all! I'm proud to say this is my first article so please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Now, I would like to talk about this "Deadshot" photo that leaked online a few days ago from the set of W.B's next attempt at D.C superheros, the Suicide Squad. Like many of you i was very disapointed to say the least. But after a closer inspection of these photos I have come to speculate that.....

What if it's not deadshot!?!?

Who could it be you might ask? Well I have a pretty good idea!

What if it's Firefly?

For those of you who don't know, firefly is a D.C. villain who is pretty much the opposite of Mr.Freeze. Instead of ice he uses fire, and flys around in a kickass firefly outfit doing what all pyros love to do. He is commonly related to stupid fire related puns in his early days, but recently becoming more and more badass!! In fact he recently appeared on the C.W's Arrow T.V show.

Now think about it, maybe he is the main villain that sets up the suicide squad in the movie, which is a brilliant choice as I feel this character is very underused. perhaps he even attacks Deadshot (Will Smith) and his daughter while on an outing which inspires him to take revenge?

And then there is this.....

Director, David Ayer testing a flamethrower
Director, David Ayer testing a flamethrower

Well this is a dead give away! why else would they need a flame thrower? The scene could be a flashback. Firefly could kill deadshots daughter, which makes him turn into deadshot and seek revenge. But tell me your thoughts!

*Suicide Squad hits theaters in August, 2016*


What do you think?


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