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In case you didn't know, the hit video game The Last of Us is going to be getting a movie adaptation. They're already looking at Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones to play Ellie, but no one else is cast yet, including the main character Joel.

These are a few men I think could make a good Joel.

15. Ewan Mcgregor

I always thought Joel was a very wise man, much like Obi Won Kanobi. However Joel may be a bit too, uncivilized for Ewan Mcgregor.

14. Josh Brolin

13. Norman Reedus

12. Andrew Lincoln

11. Chris Hemsworth

10.Robert Downy Jr.

As Iron Man, Robert Downy JR, was able to portray a man who is pushed to his breaking point, and overcomes it like a boss. Iron man is extremely resourceful, much like Joel. Iron man is a super hero who's power is his brain, he puts Macgyver to shame with how resourceful he is. That is what I would like to see from Joel.

9. Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford may be a bit old for the role of Joel. But you gotta think that the guy who plays Indiana Jones and Han solo, is more than capable of playing a bad ass zombie slaying survivalist. Plus I always thought of Joel as having the wisdom of Obi Wan Kanobi and bad ass attitude of Han Solo, and Harrison Ford, being Han Solo himself, has at least half of these characteristics.

8.Gerard Butler

7. Christian Bale

Do I really need to say anything about this guy? I mean, he's Batman!

6.Bradley Cooper

Because of his role in American Sniper. However, if Bradley cooper were to play any video game character, he would probably be cast as Nathan Drake from Uncharted before he's cast as Joel

Bradly Cooper as Nathan Drake? I can see it.
Bradly Cooper as Nathan Drake? I can see it.

5.Troy Baker

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What better choice for Joel, than the guy who actually does his voice? also I would just love to see Troy baker have the staring role in any movie, he's in so many games it's about time he gets a role on the big screen, don't you think?

4.Tom Hardy

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Okay so Joel is a Very similar character to mad max. I think the biggest difference between the two is the Joel is an American while Mad Max is an Australian, and they have slightly different origin stories, Max being a cop, and Joel being, we don't know what. Point is that Tom Hardy did a good job as Mad Max, so he could probably do a good job playing Joel.

3. Chris Pratt

At first I thought of putting Chris earlier on the list, thinking "he has a similar build as Joel, and it might be cool to see him in that role, but he may be a bit too goofy to play a man as dark and serious as Joel". Then I saw Jurassic World, amazing movie by the way, and boy did that change my view. in Jurassic World Chris Pratt shows he is way more than just a goof ball. In Jurassic World Chris Pratt is determined and intense, he is also a guy who knows what's up. Owen (Chris Pratt's character) is a very different role from Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Jurassic World really shows Chris's strength as an actor, and going from wrangling dinosaurs, to decapitating zombies does not seem like too much of a stretch for an actor like Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt can convey both a strong, and likable presence, that I would love to see from Joel.

Chris Pratt is also a very marketable actor, and would make the movie a lot of money.

NOT putting Chris Pratt on this list is, probably not a good idea.

2. Hugh Jackman

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Without a doubt out of all the people in this list, Hugh Jackman definitely looks the most like Joel, and is certainly a fan favorite for the role. He can be a tough, damaged, yet likable man like The Wolverine he can also be really dark like in prisoners. Hugh Jackman is a rugged outdoors man who can even seem vulnerable at times, even when he plays a guy who is literally indestructible, what more could you ask for in a character like Joel. After he's done with Wolverine, Hugh Jackman would need another bad ass role to be in.

1. Liam Neeson

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I always thought of Joel as being not only a total bad ass, but also very wise. Joel is a very resourceful man who knows how to survive any situation, and kick some serious butt. This also perfectly describes the one and only Liam Neeson. His role as Qui Gon Jinn in star wars and Ra's Al Ghul in Bat Man Begins shows how wise he can be, and his role in taken shows how much of a bad ass he is, and his role in the grey shows his ability to survive, and that he can be damaged, and let's not forget his very particular set of skills. to me Joel is a character who is bad ass, resourceful, damaged, and above all, wise. that is why I think Liam Neeson would make the best Joel. And also just look at him, you can't tell me it wouldn't be totally awesome to see this guy lay wast to the undead! To be honest, for me this role is a very close tie, between Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson, and Chris Pratt, the only reason I rank Neeson slightly higher is that he is better at portraying the wise mentor character as well as the tough guy, but Hugh Jackman or Chris Pratt, would be good to.


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