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For those who are about to read this review, please bare in mind this is my first ever review for any movie*

Avengers: Age of Ultron in its own way is the sequel the comic fan movie lovers have been waiting for and trust me when i say this it was well worth the wait. Josh Weldon has succeeded in surpassing his first movie "Avengers: Assemble," and with the whole crew back in action with a few familiar faces joining them this time around we get to see a bigger piece of the story unfold, questions answered while new question are being raised. But does this mean in terms of good or bad? Viewers beware!: Some SPOILERS ARE TO FOLLOW as is unravel this epic and cunning story but I will not try to spoil everything, so if you have not seen this movie, turn away now. Ready? Lets jump in

"Jumping right in"

So the movie begin with the Avengers jumping right into action has they are attacking a Hydra Base in Europe. We get a sense that they have been hitting all kinds of Hydra's bases since after the events of "Captain America: Winter Soldier," searching for the scepter that Loki welded from the first movie. As you can imagine the team has no problem in taking down Hydra and retrieving the scepter. What makes me so curious is that it raises the question of why does Thor want it to make sure they secure it more than anybody? After Iron Man safely retrieves it, the secret weapon that Hydra has comes to light. This would be Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. Scarlet With projects a vision into Ton's mind showing him as the Avengers are all dead and earth is left defenseless. This is what prompts tony to act swiftly to try to save the world when is has already been saved.

"We create the thing we fear the most"

As usual with Tony Stark he can't stop tinkering with inventing and eventually's trying to create the ultimate A.I program, with the help of Bruce Banner, called the "Ultron project." Ultron eventually becomes self aware and understands he has to save the world, but in his own way which causes some big issues. We get to see a glimpse into the past of Black Widow, What haunts Captain America's memories and what Thor fears most when he is away from Asgard thanks to Scarlet Witch using the fear tack-tick to tear them apart. Eventually the team does pull it self back together to save the world and defeat Ultron with the new creation of Jarvis being "The Vision." So what are some of the bugs of this film?

"using this and not that"

Josh Weldon does a great job in keeping this story continuing and keeping certain elements hint** hint** the infinity stones afloat as this story keeps unfolding. but its the minor details that makes this cunning story hear's it's of gear movie. Ultron was created by the "Mind Gem," the fourth gem to be relived to us so far. Tony And Bruce try to map out a program for it to apply to the "Ultron Program" but ultimately fails because of this magic mix science approach. I originally thought Tony would be using the Algorithm we got to see in "Captain America: Winter Solder" and Tony mapping his mind to create Ultron. We get a nice setup for "Thor: Ragnarok" but this is through him confirming what he sees in Scarlet Witch's fear vision which to me is a short cut of an excuse rather than Hemdal contacting Thor for help. But does open up for opportunity because this can suggest that maybe her fear vision was in fact a actual message or warning of what has happening on Asgard while he has been away.

"Closing it all up"

Avengers: Age of Ultron was a very different take on the "Ultron" story while trying to setup the Phase 3 movies, but yet it is a story that does come in second place because of its short comings in the story telling it self. Yet I like what Josh choose to do with these characters, and this story. The action sequences were perfect, the witty humor between the team was much more fluent a lot more cunning . I still plan to watch this movie again and again, I hope you do to.


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