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Ok I know I'm a little late to the party considering Season 5 just released but in all honesty I've kinda been thinking about a few things. Ever since the last episode of My Little Pony Season 4 was aired I've seen that a lot of people complained about how Twilight seemed to accepting of her job to place her in a "wanting more" type of position. Yet is that really the case? All throughout season 4 we see Twilight slowly begin to accept her roll as a somewhat awkward princess, with all the ponies around her showing their support. Yet at the same time as Twilight brings up in the episode "I just smile and wave" isn't far from the truth. If you truly think about it Twilight has always operated in the background getting some recognition every now and then, but she was never seen as a outstanding force to begin with. This was clear when Terik had no idea that there was a 4th princess. This probably is deprived with how Terik most likely had to stay in a lower class of equestria to keep a low profile. Seeing as how in all showings of ponies that enter the castle where the mosaics of Twilight and her friends deeds would all be upper class-men and woman. Another fact is that Twilight has never placed her presence outside of cantorlot or ponyvile, so that goes to show that not many major figures or even common folks know of her existence.

Getting back on topic now, Twilight if you follow her through out season 4 she has to face with her new role as being a princess because ponies recognize the mark of wings and horn. This slowly has her pushed out into her new role, however she is also pushed back in major events. Think back to the equestrian games, Twilight who had found the crystal heart and only was able to put it in it's place because of Spike was never recognized in saving the crystal empire instead Spike was placed as the figure head. Again with the smile and wave as Twilight couldn't play a strong roll with the actual public's lack of knowledge of what truly happened in those events.

So here's the question was Twilight wrong to ask for more? For many they seem to say it's really out of character for her. Thought is that really true? Twilight over the last 4 seasons has grown to be more social and respecting of others advice, but as her new role as a princess she has been tasked with now understanding that she must take a leadership like role, so her being put back to "smile and wave" may now seem to be degrading of the role she has been placed in by her own mentor. So to me it seems actually right of Twilight to ask for more since her mentor expects her to learn, and that can only be achieved with hands on experience with maybe other matters than just defeating forces of evil.

Yes I know it's a kid show

Yes I know this is probably never going to happen.

But these are my thoughts and I thank you for reading, comment if you want. Debate if you choose, for I'll read and respond if that's all right with you.


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