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Tisha Mae Eaton

There is a new trend going around the web where you can find out if a website can guess your real age, as well as your gender. Sometimes they come up with some outrageous conclusions, and none more so than with the Disney Princesses

Snow White, who's meant to be 14, is actually 6

Mulan, who is 16 and female, is actually 64 and male

Belle is meant to be 17 but is actually 74

Ariel is 16, but to them she's 53 and male

Rapunzel is celebrating her 18th birthday, 13 years too early!

And that must have been some nap, since 16 year old Aurora woke up 63 and a male!

So not only are the characters not how old they say they are. ... three of them are actually male? Who knew?

There must be something in the water at Disney.


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