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So there was this thing going around called three questions where creators would answer three tailor made questions for them and then they'd make up questions for someone in particular and tag them and that person would have to answer. I'm a little late, but I plan to answer the-

No. That's not happening.

Uh...what? Who's there?

It is I, Veronica Doom. A character of your own creation.

Aw come on V. Really? You have to interrupt me when I'm finally being productive? What do you want now?

Well in an ideal world you'd die and I could take over your body and therefore be more able to take over the world. However, it seems I've been able to clone you and your experiences sufficiently for me to be able to function.

...Lovely. Because of COURSE that was my primary concern.

Just shut up and let me talk and quit interrupting. You're a mere human and cannot compare to me.

You literally JUST explained how you are my clone. We are functionally identical and therefore you cannot SERIOUSLY be being condescending. Right? Right?

-locks primary cell donor in broom closet- I'll let you out when I'm done telling my story okay?

-muffled from inside broom closet- Hmph. Good thing I brought a book. This'll take FOREVER.

Anyways....before we were so rudely interrupted...hey wait I don't need the bold text anymore because I'm the only one talking so let's just...get...rid of...alright then. Where was I? Oh right. Introductions.

Firstly, the matter of my appearance. I do not look identical to my cell counterpart due to a mask, a lot of workouts and a giant bucket of peroxide. i didn't want to look like her, so I don't.

Now, my credentials. I am a founding member of the Supervillains for Conquest and Doom Alliance. Anyone who's anyone knows what that is. If they haven't...well they're probably too busy in their lairs to read Villains Weekly. I know of a few. We're going to skip past that.

I also seem to inspire great loyalty from my henchmen. They sometimes mess up and have to be punished, but for the most part they're really a fun bunch of guys.

I really have no tragic past to expound on. I just get bored and when I get bored, crap happens. Crap that can sometimes be very bad for other people. I have several villainous plans in the works, including one with Global Warming and one I simply call Godzilla 2.0. Or is it 3.0 by now? Honestly, I've just hijacked Angela's account. I don't actually KNOW about movies. Such trivial things don't matter in my plans for world domination.

The interesting part about me is really my powers. I can feel other peoples' emotions. I also have times when they completely shut off. Makes things interesting, as I'm never sure if my emotions are truly my emotions or if they're someone else's and the fact they are mine is a figment of my imagination. I prefer to imagine I feel nothing. Then there's no such thing as guilt. And let's face it, that seems to be part of the torment of the human condition.

Another thing I can do is dream. No not just regular dreams. When I dream, I sometimes see glimpses of the future. I don't generally know what is the future until it happens. But there will always be a part of the dream where I'll be 'aw crap that already happened'. But it didn't. So there's that.

I can also see angels and demons. I have yet to see an epic battle between the two, but they seem to basically surpass all stereotypes. The angels are very good, and the demons...well even as villainous as I can be, they are so so much worse. Never joke about them. They are pure hatred swirling around in a form, pressing in on you.

-closet bangs open- Aha! I escaped! Thanks to a wonderful idea in my book!

Damn bookworms, always ruining my fun. Alright. See you all around. Maybe I'll hijack her computer some other time, tell you more stories. For now, this is Veronica Doom signing off. Ta-ta!!!!

Geez sorry about that guys. Now I don't really have time to answer those 3 questions. Getting locked in a broom closet and escaping really takes a lot of energy. By the way, that whole thing about being a founding member of the whatever league? She did get onto the pages of Villains Weekly, but honestly that whatever league really doesn't have that many people. None of the really well known villains who occasionally take over Moviepilot are in it. She's still pretty dangerous though. Sarcastic quips come quickly and easily too.


Ha. You thought I was done hijacking. So everyone, did you enjoy my little visit? Or would you rather have listened to lame-o over here?


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