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Collins Vincent

If you are a fan of the jack reacher film then you just hit the jack pot, it has been announced that there will in fact be a sequel to the cult favorite action film starring Tom cruise as the title character.The 2012 action thriller film was generally praised by fans despite slight differences from the novel. Jack reacher went unnoticed during the time it came out, but it still did well at the box office despite the circumstances.

The first movie didn't really sit well with many people since it was a violent movie that came out some time after the New-town shooting. When violent films like this come out after tragedies it doesn't bode well with many audiences and is even considered offensive. Hopefully there won't be any major violent incidents prior to the release of the sequel.

The sequel to the film has no official plot synopsis but it will most likely adhere to one of the other jack reacher novels. The director will most likely be Edward Zwick and the movie itself is rumored to come out some time in 2016 (not confirmed). Jack Reacher has become another one of tom cruises most treasured and iconic roles aside from his role as Ethan Hunt in the mission impossible films. Overall you can count on a worthy followup to the original film.


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