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In this review, I Will Become may be too bias for Will Ferrell. Simply, it is because I love Him. Will Ferrell seems indeed an expert in making comedy films. With his experience at SNL, he was able to make a very funny movie. 2015, with Kevin Hart, he`s back to comedy genre

Synopsis: James King (Will Ferrell), a wealthy broker. One day he was accused of corrupted his customer’s money and will be punished for 10 years in prison. Frightened by a prison, he paid Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) to train him to face life in prison.

As usual, like other films, the comedy that shown contain elements of racial and Gay. Like in anchorman, many jokes about blacks and gay men. It looks like it is the formula of Will Ferrell movies. Racial and gay humors are always funny (honestly).

Chemistry between Will Ferrell with Kevin Hart is very nice. Both are very funny with all the stupidity that is done. It reminds me of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour. However chemistry with Kevin Hart Will Ferrell cannot beat Will Ferrell with Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys.

The story line may be not special at all. The main character was framed, the innocent and the culprit is the closest person. There is nothing special about it. Maybe in the next film Mr. Ferrell will be back with fresher and different story ideas

The truth is, I wanna see will ferrell play in serious movie or even transforming like Steve Carell in foxcatcher

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