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Hi guys and today I will tell you something about the 700 year old Batman villain Ra's al Ghul, If you didn't know that he spreaded the Ebola virus into Gotham City then this article is for you.

So Ra's al Ghul was by created writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Neal Adams and would first appear in Batman #232 in June 1971. Little is known about early years of Ra's live, but it's accepted that he lived for centuries thanks to his Lazarus Pit regenerative effects.

Ra's is a international terrorist with a goal to eliminate all evil and make the wold a "better" and more balanced place. He believes that the best method is biological weapons like a genetically enhances virus.

Just before I start this post will be only about his origin not about stories he was important in like JLA: Tower of Babel or Contagion and Legacy. I want to make separate posts about them.


So for his origin many writers don't have any clue or its very hard to recount but many accept the storyline Batman: Birth of the Demon.

So its starts that Ra's is born to a tribe of desert nomads somewhere in Arabia, and in his young age he is interested in science and later abandons the tribe so he could move to city where he can conduct his research in peace where he becomes a physician and marries a woman named Sora.

Ra's discovers the secret of the Lazarus Pit and saves a dying prince by lowering him into it. The prince, who's a big sadist to begin with, is driven completely insane by the Lazarus Pit and He proceeds to strangle Sora. The ruler of the city, unwilling to admit to himself his son's culpability, declares Ra's guilty of the crime and sentences him to death in a cage with Sora's corpse.

Ra's is set free by the son of a dying elderly woman, whom Ra's had earlier examined. The son feels that he owes Ra's a debt for easing his mother's suffering during her last few hours. He later travels to the tribe to seek help from the head of his tribe, his uncle, to follow Ra's in his quest for revenge by promising the downfall of the king of the city.

By understanding the germ theory of disease hundreds of years before anyone else so Ra's is able to infect the prince with a deadly virus by sending him contaminated fabrics. He later kills the King and his son and declares himself "Demon's Head."

Powers and abilities


  • Lazarus effect- thanks to the regenerative effects his old, injured or even dead body was able to resurrect him to a younger age
  • Longevity: He has extended lifespan through the use of the Lazarus Pit.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Ra's possesses a genius level intellect with aptitudes in a wide variety of sciences and medicine, particularly in the field of alchemy. Also he was he first one to discover micro organisms
  • Master Strategist and Tactician: He is a brilliant tactician, planning his exploits many months even years in advance.
  • Master Swordsman
  • Master Martial Artist: expertise in at least 100 different fighting styles.
  • Medical Science
  • Multi-Lingual: He's able to speak Arabic, French, Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Urdu, multiple Indian languages and possibly more.

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