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all season long of arrow we where thesse by the coming of katana the wife of maseo and the mother of akio. the origins of what oliver has become after putting a knife in slade wilsons eye. and sinking up the ship.

we know why maseo joins the league of assasins and tatsu hiding into he woods because their son was dead

baseon this picture he is helping team arrow to bring back oliver queen and maseo

they are ready to help save oliver from marrying thalia al ghul and stop the heir of the demon case.

he will put on the mask and weld the sword in this non-stop action episode

in the comics katana is a skilled with the sword with the blade who posses spirits from the people he kills which fights crime and imagine in memory of her husband and son

arrow airs in CW “This is Your Sword” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) wendsday may 6


Are you exited by the coming of the armored katana


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