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Reader beware, you're in for a scare? Goosebumps is coming back in a big way thanks to the new Goosebumps movie which could reignite interest the children's horror literature genre. Goosebumps is a series of children's horror novels written by R.L. Stine. Stine was considered to be the Stephen king of his time and was a popular name during the 90's since that is the decade when goosebumps became a tv series. The show quickly became a favorite among kids who loved being scared into submission. There was also a movie based on Haunting hour which also spawned a spin-off tv series that lasted from 2010 to 2014. The new film has the potential to get kids interested in goosebumps and set them up as a target demographic for new novels, of course many just see this as a mindless cash-grab with little creativity or effort put into it.

Here's the plot synopsis:

After moving into a small town, a teenage boy named Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) meets Hannah (Odeya Rush), his new neighbor. Hannah's father R.L. Stine (Jack Black), who writes the Goosebumps stories, keeps all the ghosts and monsters in the series locked up in his manuscripts. Zach and his friend unintentionally releases the ghosts and monsters from the manuscripts. Now Zach, Hannah, and Stine team up in order to put the monsters back where they came from before it's too late.

Basic plot that sets the film up like jumanji, but with monsters instead of animals. The film seems to be taking a rather comedic approach with the source material like it's just parodying it instead of trying to stay true to the mythology. Jack Black is also front and center as a very sarcastic R.L. Stine who is extremely protective of his daughter Hannah who may or may not be hiding something. Then we have our main character played by Dylan Minnette who is accompanied by his goofy friend. This film seems to be taking a risk by trying to come off as a comedy film but then again the trailers could be deceiving. It's best to hope that this movie will have some kind of insane plot-twist that leaves viewers stunned.

This film seems to know who its target audience is even though the film looks confused about itself in the trailer. Goosebumps could do decent numbers at the box-office since it will be the only kids film coming out on the 16th of October which mostly guarantees a hit for the studio. It's easy to continue being skeptical about this film but it is better to wait until the film has performed before evaluating its overall quality and effectiveness.


"Goosebumps" haunts theaters on October 16, 2015


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