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With the seemingly never-ending nostalgia that is being mined by Hollywood its interesting to ponder what other old cartoons or novels they will look to for the next big blockbuster.One such property could be the TV show known as C.O.P.S. ( Central Organization of Police Specialists ) which aired from 1988 to 1989. The show was a fan-favorite for kids who would wake up on Saturday mornings to catch episodes of their favorite elite cops in action as they fought to defend their futuristic home from a wide range of threats and criminals. A live-action adaptation of this property could help introduce the show to a new generation while appealing to fans of the original series.

Here's the show's plot synopsis:

While staying at the hospital, Bulletproof, knowing he cannot do all of this alone, sends out Empire City police officer P.J. O'Malley (Codename: LongArm) and rookie officer Donny Brooks (Codename: HardTop) to round up the best law enforcers from all over the country. With these men and women — including David E. "Highway" Harlson, Colt "Mace" Howards, Stan "Barricade" Hyde, Tina "Mainframe" Cassidy, Walker "Sundown" Calhoun, Suzie "Mirage" Young, Hugh S. "Bullseye" Forward, and Rex "Bowser" Pointer and his robot dog, Blitz — he forms a team that is “the finest law enforcement agency there is in the country.” Bulletproof becomes the proud founder and commander of COPS. Together, he and his COPS team are able to take down Big Boss and his gang of crooks and thwart the first of many of Big Boss' criminal schemes.

The story in C.O.P.S. could easily translate to a live-action theatrical movie since the idea of an elite law enforcement unit taking on elite criminals in a futuristic setting lends itself to a great story about how the team formed and each team members personal backstory. The main character's story is also interesting since it would highlight the mentality that comes when a public servant is injured or nearly killed in the line of duty. Aside from the story, a movie like this would also provide alot of imaginative world building and concept construction in order to fully realize the world of C.O.P.S. The movie version would also be able to utilize the unique setting with great action sequences.

Live-action adaptations of cartoons are usually music to the ears of 80's kids or people who grew up in the era when the show came out. But for some, it's often bad news delivered with a nice bow on top. Fans of the show will stress the importance of doing the adaptation right, while in turn, doing right by hard-core fans of the original program. On the front of this movie actually happening, it's too early to tell. But given Hollywood's increased interest in revisiting old tv show properties in order to capitalize on their brand name recognition, it's possible that there could likely be a C.O.P.S. movie in the future.


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