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First off, sorry I'm a little late with this article. I've been busy all week but I will make up for it. My next fan cast will come out very soon because of my lateness and because there was a tie in the votes. Anyway, if you missed my last fan cast, you can find it here.

If you don't remember the rules, I will rehash the rules once more. These choices are ones that could work in the DCCU. I have not repeated any actors across the whole universe and will not cast characters that have already been cased which means I won't cast Barry Allen because that's who I believe Ezra Miller is playing. Also, I have chosen against using actors who have portrayed their assigned character in live action.

I hope you enjoy my choices.

Wally West

Wally West first appeared in The Flash #110 in 1959. Wally started off as Kid Flash but eventually became the Flash after Barry Allen's death in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. West became a fan favourite character which was boosted by his appearance as The Flash in the 'Justice League' cartoons.

Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin is a great young actor that has already been casted as Wally West in the past (Justice League Mortals). Even though he is a little older than Ezra Miller, Yelchin could play a character who is younger than he is or use some form of time travel to explain this. Yelchin could play a great witty character.

Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick, the original Flash, debuted in Flash Comics #1 in 1940. Jay Garrick is hardly used outside of the comics. He had a guest appearance in Smallville but other than that, he hasn't appeared in live action. Currently, in the New 52, Jay Garrick is a young man who lives in Earth 2.

John Wesley Shipp

John Wesley Shipp is known for his role in 'The Flash' (1990) and 'The Flash' (2014). He played Barry Allen in the 90s and Henry Allen in the current series. His experience with these characters could prove that he can handle this character and treat Garrick properly.

Bart Allen

Bart Allen first appeared as Impulse in Flash #92 in 1994. Barry Allen's grandson, Bart gained his powers through Barry's genetics which made him age rapidly. Once this was fixed and Barry died, Bart became Kid Flash and eventually took up the mantle of Flash for a very short time.

Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore was a child actor who has become a great dramatic actor. His role in Bates Motel shows his acting ability which would work perfectly with Bart's personality. Even though he is older than Ezra Miller but time travel or whatever. He could make a pretty good Bart.

Iris West

Iris West first appeared in Showcase #4 in 1956. Iris West is Barry Allen's primary love interest and reporter who has been an important part of the Flash's mythos and appears a lot alongside The Flash. She is currently being portrayed by Candice Patton in CW's 'The Flash'.

Molly C. Quinn

I originally had Rachel McAdams casted in this role but because of the casting of Ezra Miller, I had to choose someone a little younger. Molly C. Quinn is a great actor that is best known for her work in 'Castle'. Her chirpy and quirky personality could easily be translated into Iris' personality.

David Singh

David Singh first appeared in Flash Secret Files and Origins in 2010. Although he is a relatively new character, Singh has made an impact on the Flash in the New 52 and the current TV show portrayed by Patrick Sabongui. In the New 52, Singh was revealed to be a homosexual and has been involved with Pied Piper.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil Ramamurthy is known for his important role in the 'Heroes' series. He did a fantastic job on that show where he played a scientist which is a similar to Singh's character. Ramamurthy can play the sympathetic side and I'm confident that he can play the hard-ass side of Singh.

Henry Allen

Only picture of Henry Allen I could find
Only picture of Henry Allen I could find

Henry Allen first appeared in Flash #126 in 1962. Henry Allen was framed for the murder of his wife, Nora Allen. He has been sent to jail for life which forced Barry to grow up without his biological parents. Henry Allen is currently being portrayed by John Wesley Shipp in CW's 'The Flash' TV show.

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough has appeared in a lot of TV shows, movies and even animations. McDonough has been everywhere but is hardly recognised. McDonough can play that sympathetic and tragic character which is present in Henry's character.

Nora Allen

Nora Allen first showed up in Flash #126 in 1962. Nora Allen is the mother of Barry Allen who was killed by a time travelling Professor Zoom. Nora's death lead Barry to pursue forensic science which lead to him becoming the Flash. Nora has been portrayed by Michelle Harrison in CW's 'The Flash'.

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet is known for her roles in Comedies and her TV roles. Peet can play a caring mother that can also play as an inspiration. Peet could bring what Michelle Harrison brought to the role and add her own twist. I am confident that Peet could play the role of Nora Allen brilliantly.


I hope you enjoyed my Flash heroes fan cast. If you agree then tell me in the comments. If you don't agree then still tell me in the comments. Also tell me who you would cast if you had a different actor/actress in mind.


Do you agree with my choices??


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