This crazed villain likes to collect stuff, but not normal stuff. He collects real living creatures and powerful tools. I mean, he is even the owner of Howard the Duck! Because he collects such things, this will lead up to powerful plots setting the Marvel movies yet to come. So, here is the run down:

[Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858)

So, in this movie, Thor goes missing and is assumed dead, so the team replaces him with a robotic version of himself. Like Ultron, Ragnarok becomes crazed (wait to go again Stark) but Thor comes back to save them. Any ways, the Collector weaves into the movie with a rumor that does make sense.

While Thor is assumed dead, could the Collector be the one keeping him captive? Like I said, he does collect strange things, and to get your hands on Thor's hammer, Mjonir, will be a big prize. Of course, since the Collector can not use its power because he can't hold it, he could gain intel of it and begin to set more plots. I do not know how Thor escapes, but still, this movie has years to come. Some theories say Thor is actually dead, but his man is a Norse God, he might be able to get ressurected. I mean, Loki survived through so many things. Falling of the Bridge leading to Asgard, and getting obliberated by the Hulk.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This is where the Collector gets introduced in this late Marvel movie. Apparently, he lair does gets destroyed when Ronin finds Drax with the crew, but some collections do survive, like Howard the Duck. He gives a run down of the gems around the universe, but particularly the Space Orb, mainly because it it the main gem in the movie. So far the Tesseract, Space, and Power gem have been seen in the movies, with the rumor in Age Of Ultron the Vision has the Reality Gem. Others like the Mind Gem, might appear in solo films like Doctor Strange.

He also introduces the Space Gem's power, when one of his slaves runs off to touch it. She, like many other species in the Universe, cannot with stand the power, and she is torn to pieces, just like Ronin at the end. He was not really a villain in the movie, but with will be the secondary antagonist in:

[The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027)

Because of Guardians of the Galaxy, he is linked directly to Thanos. But, knowing him, my theory is that he will be the second antagonist, but he will betray Thanos and try to get his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet, knowing its large amount of power. Somehow, I think he will die in this film, from Thanos or by too much power from the Infinity Guantlet. Just like Thor's hammer, if he realizes that it is too powerful for him, though, he might try to analize it and maybe try to make it fit him. Then, Thanos may have to step down, with given power to the Collector. Of course, this theory is by a long shot.

In the beginning of this movie, since the Collector might have held Thor captive in Ragnarok, and my theory of him gaining intel on the hammer, he might help out Thanos by knowing the weakness of Thor. Also, since he has met the Guardians of the Galaxy before in their movie, he could know stuff about them, also, helping out Thanos. The Guardians of the Galaxy know the most about Thanos, mainly because they battled his most powerful ex-henchmen, Ronin.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035)

It has just came out, but if you are reading this months or years later, then that movie was awesome! The Collector, in my opinion, will make a short cameo or have a reference, because Vision might have the Reality Gem. Like my theory in Infinity War, he might plot to try to steal all the gems, making a bigger plot for later movies. He might also want to have Vision because:

Like Thor and Odin, Vision is 1 out of 3 people that can pick up Thor's hammer.

So, since he can do that, the Collector might want to gain intel on Vision, to know how he does it, so he can wield Thorr's hammer in Ragnarok.

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