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Waynette DeezNettes Bonham

I love our society. We find something we love, raise money to emulate it for others enjoyment. Then sued by the big wigs for making others happy while they look down at their nose and tuck away something that we actually enjoy. I have followed Adult Wednesday Addams since Season 1, I ran across the episode where she was looking for roommates and I immediately realized the "Subscribe button" could not be more of my friend. I wanted more.


Would you sign a petition to bring back Adult Wednesday Addams?

She took a brief stint away because apparently these webisodes are a bitch to fund. My subscribe button notified me that Melissa Hunter needed $5000 to start season 2. Thats it. $5000. You big wigs wipe your ass daily with $5k, but I digress. This means, if she gets season 2, I get more satisfaction of Adult Wednesday Addams. And she did it. She raised more than her $5k goal through loyal supporters like myself whom, for lack of a better phrase, would kill to have Adult Wednesday Addams back on Youtube.

These webisodes were well thought out, honest depictions of what Wednesday Addams would be like in the SocialMedia world we live in. Web dating, working to survive, correcting everyday wrongs in an Adams way... Check check and CHECK. She even has made admirers in her work place because she speaks her mind, she knows no other way. Don't we all wish we could do that?

Now she is gone. And I'm left wondering who do I have to kill to get her back? I mean I would gather the goons but I don't think the chains will reach.

Can someone please start a petition? Ill have all of my personalities sign. I promise they are all valid (in some way.)


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