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This is the new incarnation of the beloved character from the Marvel universe, Johnny Storm of the fantastic four.

Getting right to the point at hand, a lot of fan are to say it kindly, upset about the characters skin complexion. The character was previously played by Marvels Captain America (Chris Evans), film from 2006 Directed by Tim Story was a different film all on its own but a reflection of its time. Fast forward just a few years the world has come a far way in such a short time frame. Now we see a lot of diversity in television, commercials, film and every day to day life. With the reboot of the fantastic four franchise due out 08.07.15 the film represents the time we are in now with diversity as a reflection of the world today. Michael B. Jordan now casted as Johnny Storm caused an uproar for more than one reason. Johnny is the younger brother to Sue Storm now played by Kate Mara, key word here........ BROTHER. Now in the marvel comic, marvel animated series, films, and so on, they have all ways been blood brother and sister. But with this reincarnation of the film series they are adopted brother and sister with Sue Storm (Kate Mara) being adopted some may feel that this HUGE difference between the marvel source material and this version of the characters may change and hinder the chemistry between Sue and Johnny.

That being said many can not get past the elephant in the room that Johnny storm is a black man African-American. I choose the judge the film and characters as they are projected from the screen for my enjoyment, not on the ground of skin color or a change in relationship if it does not take from the core of the thing that has started it all, the Marvel comic.

With that being said how do you guys feel about the characters change in regards to the relationship between Sue and Johnny Storm? And the elephant in the room Johnny's Skin. :) love to hear your thoughts. Till next time . PEACE✌


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