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Parkour artist, Marvel fan, and Y2K Character Creator
Joshua Burger

CODE NAME: Riptide

REAL NAME: Joshua Burger

ALIASES: Riptide, Joshua Burger, Soturi

KNOWN RELATIVES: Tala Al Taher (girlfriend), Sarah Ennet (half-sister), fathers name unknown (used fake name on his mother), Christopher Burger (Uncle, mothers side), Johnathan Burger (cousin)

BASE OF OPERATIONS: New York, Dubai, Oakland, Denver, Shanghai, Sea of Tranquility Moon Base


CURRENT LOCATION- MIA in Tokyo with his sister

ALIGNMENT: Good intentions but viewed as an anti-hero


MARITAL STATUS: In a relationship

OCCUPATION: Law Student, Vigilante

EDUCATION: Studying law, Self-taught engineering and psychology



HEIGHT: 6' 0"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs

EYES: Normally green but change due to feelings

HAIR: Light brown

SKIN: Olive tanned


Joshua never knew his father. He left as soon as he heard of the possibility of a birth defect or super power. His mother Meredith raised him on the streets of Denver until he was 9 when his mother was killed by a crime boss that was hunting his lost father for unknown reasons. He was then chased by the hit man that was going to kill him too, so he killed the hit man and was picked up by the police who called his uncle, a wealthy entrepreneur of the weapons manufacturer AWC (Advanced Weapons Corporation). He then proceeded to train himself in every martial arts and learned everything to become a masked vigilante Riptide. His first night (when he was 18) he takes out a drug convoy and kills the dealer who was killing innocents and was recently released from the Enhanced Human and Non-Human Prison Institute aka The Institute. The media viewed him as a hit man for another criminal underworld boss as he kept taking off without anyone noticing without giving a word to the press as most vigilantes do. He has developed bases across the globe in major cities and one on the moon. He finds out his cousin has powers and is also a masked vigilante under the name of The Guardian, who has powers of flight and able to produce fire from his pores. He then goes to University to study law and engineering. He meets his now girlfriend Tala Al Taher who is genetically descended from the Egyptian star goddess Astraea, this gives her powers that allow her to survive in a vaccum, change her form into any constellation entity, fly at light speeds, and produce cosmic power from her body which can change forms into a space-like look. Through his adventures, he meets his sister who also didn't know their father. She also has powers of intangibility.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Denver, Colorado

POWERS/ABILITIES: Able to induce fear in his enemies, super agility, super senses, advanced in parkour and freerunning, mental telepathic defenses

PARAPHERNALIA: Has multiple gadgets like Gecktape gloves, taser gloves, taser suit, exo-suit, two-man quadricopter, space pod, motorcycle, speed boat, jet, jet pack, jet pack for running, ceramic pistols, and hacking tools

Image taken from the internet to give an idea about how the character would look


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