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This week (even under piles of college homework) I finally got to watch the “cybernatural” horror/paranormal film (produced by Blumhouse—which I love because their movies are the best) Unfriended. The film stars Shelley Hennig (Ouija), Renee Olstead (The Secret life of An American Teenager), Moses Jacob Storm, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Courtney Halverson, Mickey Rive, Cal Barnes, and Heather Sossaman who plays Laura Barns. The film is written by Kiel Kimsey, and directed by Isaac Walcott.

Like all my other reviews, I don’t spoil the movie or ruin it for those of you who haven’t watched it. So I will tell you how I enjoyed the movie and what I liked about it. First of all, the whole movie is on a Mac computer screen with the use of webcam, facebook, youtube—basically everything relevant in today’s social networking society. That whole concept alone made me think, “Wow…the whole movie on a damn laptop screen and it was never boring!” It is such an original idea and was properly executed and used so well. Every set of communication and social networking was used to its potential for a movie involved with horror and the supernatural. The realism in the movie will creep you out and make you think: what if?

The other thing I liked about the movie was its emphasis on bullying. The movie never blatantly points out bullying or talks about it, but it shows the realistic aspects and situations that cyberbullying has on people—mainly teens. I think and hope that this will change people’s minds on cyberbullying and posting unwanted pics or videos of their peers. People have feelings, in case anybody forgot that. There has been multiple suicides, and bullying has been the root of it. The movie opens up with a leaked video of Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman) on LiveLink and you can guess what happens (as the previews showed us). It is very chilling and disturbing to watch.

Was it scary? Yes, was it creepy? Yes, what I recommend? Hell yes! Go watch it! And if you’re like me, watch it again because it is awesome. Unfriended is definitely original, much needed, and the story line is very great. I really enjoy a story line that is well-written and this one really surprised me. It’s full of surprises now that I think of it. And Unfriended goes to prove that my favorite horrors are paranormal ones. Eddie Horror Show gives Unfriended 5 out of 5 skulls.


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