ByRocío Preciado, writer at
Graphic designer/Photographer at Cuije

I have been a fan of Star Wars since I can remember. Growing up as an '80s kid, I recall the good old days of matinee movies and the time my mom took us to see the Return of the Jedi. I still have my 1983 Ewok action figure and I keep it as a childhood treasure. We even named one of our dogs Chewbacca. It was meant to be since he was the only brown, long haired dachshund from the whole litter.

Being a graphic designer and a photography lover now, I had an idea in my head for a while, but some things had to take shape before that could happen. It took me some months of planning and costume making, but it was worth the wait.

To celebrate Chewbacca's 12th birthday I took a series of photos featuring my nephews as Little Han Solo and Little Darth Vader. We went to a local park to resemble the woods of The Return of the Jedi. We made it just for fun.

We didn't think it would make the huge impact that it had. It was featured in lots of websites all over the world. It was so awesome to read that the photos made people smile.

To celebrate Star Wars Day, I wanted to revisit the photo shoot, so please take a look for yourself.

You can see the rest of the session HERE.

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