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Adrian Kayne

Since mid 2007, the adult film industry has rapidly losing thousands of dollars and creating debt and lawsuits. Within the course of eight years, over two hundred female entertainers have left the business; due to incurable diseases that was established during filming. Production companies denied that the girls in the business were "lying" about getting infected with sexual transmitted diseases. Former actress Sasha Grey left the business of being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and HIV positive, the actress quotes, "The porn industry is not what it seems to be. I was aware of the things that I had to do, but I did not like; I hated every moment of it. I regret that I got into the business, it's dirty and not safe. I wanted to make easy money, but I was being paid drug money." Several more female talent soonly follow Sasha, by leaving porn. February 18, 2014 California state governor Jerry Brown with president Obama on his side and signed off the petition to ban pornography in California. Many production and distribution companies started to lose steady business and forced to close down. As the corporate industry has lost the estimate of 30.6 billion dollars, major companies have shut the doors; permanently. Vivid Entertainment sadly hurting bad, in an act of desperation; trying to savage the business, but the government says no. In the course of the past seventeen months, pornography has been functionally "illegal" in California and under the prostitute crime. After the petition, the FCC got involved and holding off cable tv and internet. The porn industry now is in the biggest rut in entertainment history, leaving the business on underground circuit without any money flowing in the business.


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