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SPOILERS! If you haven't seen "Avengers: Age of Ultron" watch out!

At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron in the after credits scene we see that Thanos has finally got his hands on the infinity gauntlet and officially claims he will collect all the infinity stones himself.

The infinity gauntlet was last seen in "Thor", locked up in Odin's trophy room. This information may lead some fans into thinking that Thanos took a trip to Asgard and stole the gauntlet. Did Thanos really take the Gauntlet so easily?

If you look closely at the gauntlet in "Thor" you can notice how the infinity stones are already in place. In the after credits scene when Thanos got ahold of the gauntlet all of the gems were missing. What does this mean for the infinity stones? Did they disappear?

The prop Infinity Gauntlet
The prop Infinity Gauntlet

Two Gauntlets?

In an interview Marvel Studios Head Kevin Fiege officially announced that the infinity gauntlet Thanos owns is completely different than the one in Asgard. This is what he stated to CinemaBlend:

“There are two different gloves,". "That was not Odin’s vault that you see at the end.”

With that being said, how did Thanos get his hand in the gauntlet? Did he make one himself?

The possibilities are just infinite!

Who Will Challenge Him?

In the photo above you will see that Thanos will eventually obtain all of the Infinity stones and gain powers that are God-like. He will eventually bring upon the infinity war against The Avengers.

With two gauntlets in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which hero will go up against "The Mad Titan"?

Let me know what you think about two infinity gauntlets!



What do you think about two infinity gauntlets?


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