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Unlike ordinary people who wake up and give or receive Easter baskets and indulge in whatever the “Easter bunny” brings them, I went to the movie theater at nine in the morning to watch one of the most talked about indie horror films since The Babadook: It Follows.

It Follows is a 2014 American Supernatural-Horror film directed by David Robert Mitchell, and starring Maika Monroe (The Guest). The movie is about a young college student named Jay Height (Monroe) who inherits a curse after a sexual encounter, ends up seeing horrific entities, and begins being followed by them every where she goes.

As soon as the movie started and the first scene played, I immediately liked it; It was love at first sight. The scenery alone was enough to captivate me. The whole movie looked like Halloween was around the corner: fall leaves on the floor, dark creepy atmosphere, the clouds–it was absolutely beautiful, and perfect for a horror movie.

The music, composed by Disasterpeace, is the best horror composition I’ve heard since Maniac (2012). It definitely has an extremely creepy 80′s vibe and adds so much to the suspense of the movie. I am a major fan of horror compositions and had to add the It Follows soundtrack to my collection immediately.

Now, let’s get to the most important part: was it scary? You bet your ass it was! If a horror movie gives me chills and goose bumps, it definitely is indeed scary. The entities that follow Jay Height are so creepy and disturbing. I would love to elaborate further but I don’t like to ruin movies for people who haven’t watched it. If you want to be creeped out and scared, you should really watch It Follows. It has a nightmare quality about it; a sense of being alone, and you’re the only person experiencing the terror. It’s like a nightmare you cannot wake up from.

There has been many debate about the movie and it’s symbolic message. Some critics say it’s about abstinence, some say it’s about STD’s, and some say it’s about teaching people to be careful when having sexual encounters. Which ever way you may choose to interpret it, it is scary and creepy as hell.

It Follows easily fits into my top 5 favorite Horror films. I highly recommend it!


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