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Ken Yambo

Alright... So I'm one of the biggest fans of the TDK trilogy and as much hate as Man of Steel I got, I truly believe it wasn't that bad of a movie. Now I am one of those fanboys that has dream casting. BVSDOJ has decided to go with an older, more experienced Batman. But what if BVSDOJ had decided to go in a different direction completely ?

BVSDOJ is going to focus on the aftermath of the Battle of Metropolis between Zod and Supes. Now what if they could use this as their new origin story for Batman? It avoids the same old story about Him being inspired by his parents death. After seeing Supes destroy all of Metropolis and even his billion dollar satellite, Bruce becomes very pissed off and begins studying what Supes is. He then takes the next 3 years in between MOS and BVSDOJ, working out everyday, learning different fighting styles everyday, and burning through his fortune to build different bat suits, equipment, bat mobile and even the Batwing. In my opinion it would explain the hate between these two throughout the first 3/4 of this movie. Bruce is just obsessed with Supes, stopping him , learning what he is. So basically: Superman is the reason for all these "meta humans " popping up out of no where. My casting choice for the new young Batman/Bruce Wayne is none other than the unknown actor: Ryan Guzman.

This new origin story of Batman can lead the door to introducing the other "meta humans " without rushing new characters and stuffing BVSDOJ. It shows that the catastrophic events of MOS truly is the beginning of Batman and the DCCU.

That takes care of Batman and how I would change that aspect of the DCCU. Next week I'm going to post how I would shape the DCCU so it could actually have a sense of a shared world.


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