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I just got done watching Avengers: Age of Ultron and it was amazing and allot different than what i thought, i wanted to make a post about Avengers: Age of Ultron so i thought i would share my top ten favorite moments of the movie even though i couldn't put the whole movie on here ill just put my top ten, so here we go.

#10: Meeting An Avenger's Family


After Ultron takes out the Avengers tower Hawkeye suggests that they all go to a safe house.. His personal safe house where the Avengers meet his family and lay low for a while.

#9: You Didn't See That Coming?


When Quicksilver decides to show his powers at around the beginning of the movie he shoulder blocks Hawkeye and says "You didn't see that coming?," And then the next time they meet Hawkeye shoots through a glass floor making Quicksilver fall through then kicks him and says "Oh you didn't see that coming?" But by the end they both come to terms and Quicksilver saves Hawkeyes and a little boys life's by running in front of them and getting shot multiple times by Ultron, and the last thing he says is "you didn't see that coming?"

#8: Ultron And Visions First Argument

When Tony And Bruce unexpectedly leave the Ultron program on J.A.R.V.I.S tries to talk Ultron into shutting down and rebooting and that is when Ultron talks about his master plan and almost kills J.A.R.V.I.S.

#7: Scarlet Witches Powers

Scarlet Witch not only took over Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, And The Hulks minds but at around the end when Quicksilver dies she uses her power to explode around ten or twelve of Ultrons robots showing that she has some serious powers.

#6: Black Widow And The Hulks Relationship

At around the beginning of the movie you come to realize that Black Widow is the only Avenger that can help The Hulk transform back into Bruce, And when they decide to throw a party they flirt allot ( Captain America even tells Bruce that they both deserve a win ) , But more into the movie they talk about how it would never work between them and sadly at the end of the movie The Hulk goes MIA and Black Widow seems to be very troubled.

#5: Ultrons New Look

When Ultron escapes he starts looking for vibranium and know one knows why until around the end when he shows up in a new suit made of it. It took The visions head beam, Iron Mans repulsar rays. And Thors lightning all at the same time just to melt it a little.

#4: Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep,

Under Scarlet Witches spell The Hulk and Iron Man fight, During the fight the hulk tears the arm off of the hulkbuster and Tony asks Veronica for a new arm, With the new arm he somehow gets the hulk down and starts punching him with the new hydraulic arm and with every hit Tony says "Go to sleep" But as always The Hulk hulks out even more and they start throwing and destroying more and more of Wakanda.

#3: Captain Americas Swearing Jokes

At the beginning of the movie Iron Man says "oh shit" and Captain America tells him to watch his mouth. From then on Cap catches hell from almost everyone on the team about coursing. At the party Hawkeye even says uh oh cap Tony said the s word again.

#2: New Avengers

At the end of the movie you see Captain America walking into the new Avengers base and then walk into a room with The Falcon, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, And The Vision then says something like hello Avengers and smiles. I think leaving them to be the next big thing in the new movies to come.

#1: Another Avenger Can Wield Mjölnir

While the avengers are arguing about whether or not to bring The Vision to life Thor blasts in the room and shoots thunder into The Visions crate and brings him to life regardless, And when he does he causes an explosion that blow the Avengers back a little. The Vision wakes up then picks up Thors Hammer and hands it to him. Even cooler during the final fight of the movie they trade Mjölnir back and forth, And when The Vision hits Ultron with the hammer while Thor distracts him he throws it back to Thor and says "its Very well balanced" then Thor Replies "well if there's to much weight you lose power in the swing" and they continue to fight.

Well those were my top the favorite moments in Avengers: Age of Ultron

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