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ITV Shoots Scenes For A New Drama Series Based On The J M Barrie Classic!

Last week crowds went straight to Swanage Pier. All for one big reason. Peter Pan came to visit. People came to watch the crew film scenes for a brand new ITV Drama Series. Obviously based on the book.

A giant mastered ship couldn't be missed as it sat on the sea at the end of Swanage Pier.

ITV are keeping very quiet on what is going to happen in this Series. They have not even released the title of the Series to us yet and the Series will NOT be a straight representation of the Novel.

A man on his holiday to Swanage said this:

“It isn’t very often you see a pirate ship on your hols is it? We’ve all been looking to see if Johnny Depp is going to put in an appearance. So far, no luck. No-one's spotted Captain Hook or the crocodile either." - Paul Jones

Will Captain Hook and his Crocodile appear in Swanage? Hopefully!


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