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Right, now i am well over due in writing this review. I have to say that i really enjoyed the film specially having booked to watch it at the IMAX.

I watched the film last week and i am still buzzing about it. Seriously it was mind blowing, IMAX makes a huge difference!

Marvel has yet again blown our minds with this epic sequel to the 1st Avengers Assemble back in 2012. We have all the cast back together in this film, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye.

In the film we see the Avengers going after a group of Hydra loyalties. And while on their search they come across two enhanced enemies (Pietro - Quicksilver and Wanda - Scarlet Witch). The group of loyalties, one of which is Baron Strucker has Loki's scepter and is hoping to source its power.

Once Stark sees the scepter he hopes to find out what Strucker was looking for, so he decides to take it home and work on his own experiment and involves Dr.Banner too. Tony doesn't know what he has unleashed until Ultron is released. I must say i absolutely enjoyed James Spader as the voice of Ultron he's done a great job. Once Ultron is released Jarvis is no where to be found. As far as we're concerned Jarvis has been destroyed by Ultron...but is he?

I don't want to spoil it for you as its such a good film to watch. Just prepare for Civil War and all the other upcoming films announced and in progress as they will all link up to what you see towards the end of the film as well as the credit scene. Which by the way theres only one credit scene...and no i won't say what it is as that will spoil it too much.

Now go and watch the film and let us know what you think, so much is revealed and explained and a lot more coming your way!


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