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Now I know everyone wants hulk to have his own solo movie [I do] and it would be great if it was Planet Hulk.

But unfortunately that can never happen at least for a while. Because..

Movie Rights

Now MARVEL got the rights back from paramount studios to put hulk in the avengers. But the way in which they did this meant they didn't have full rights only enough to put hulk in the avengers. Paramount studios still have the main rights to hulk. This could be solved but with a few issues.

1. MARVEL could buy the rights back but it would be a battle of the studios putting money and time into it [which Marvel may not have considering they have a lot of movies to do].

2.Make a deal they could make a deal to do this. But money. Who would get more and how will it be shared 60% to 40%.

3. Who gets to say what over the hulk. Paramount may just come in and change the hulk we love into what ever they want and MARVEL may have to stay by as if the don't how could the movie be made.

But Spider-Man is in marvel again?

Yes spidy is back but it took a lot of deals and time and they haven't even gone into solo movies [ except if they were going to make one they iron man would be in it, look it up]. So do Marvel really want to go through all that again with Paramount.

Plus who would direct it?

With Joss Whedon going to DC and no longer directing who would be helming the solo hulk movie and would they do a good job.

I still want a solo hulk movie!

Despite all this I still wish for a solo hulk movie like Planet Hulk. And hope that the make a deal and do it. What do you think?


Do you think a solo Hulk movie will happen?


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