ByFrancoise Nina-z Frenchy Edwards, writer at

I saw The Avengers: Age Of Ultron twice already! Thursday night was full of fun, loud, happy comic book geeks who in unison clapped at the best places together. Saturday noon-time crowd was more subdued, more compassionate but still applauded at the end. Once is absolutely NOT enough and it's best with 3D glasses. If you like fun comic book action chaos, you'll love this! If you only visit these characters once each time a movie comes out, you may get a little confused. Those who like to hunt for Easter eggs and hidden nuggets, KEEP YOUR EYES open! Especially when Scarlet Witch does her magic with individual Avengers. I loved it all around but I am picky. I personally wanted more out of Scarlet Witch's "personality". The first time I watched it, I was missing Evan Peters as Quicksilver and so I was very judgmental of Aaron Taylor and sulking in my seat. The second time I watched it, I accepted him more, realizing his version of who he was playing needed to be minor and downplayed so others could upstage. There's a lot to be said when you're a minor character who commands attention in only a few minutes and Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, really did that for me towards the end. I hope he gets more screen time later as he did in Captain America: Winter Soldier. I really want to spill spoilers but I'll be nice. "Were those Black Panther Eyes?" Oopsy!


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