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Jason Momoa, who proved an excellent villain for Sly Stallone in BULLET TO THE HEAD, is now scheduled to play Aquaman. It’s a risky career move for Momoa because Aquaman, while known worldwide, is not taken seriously by the majority of comic book fanboys. Over the past years, he has become somewhat of a superhero joke. Warner Bros. Pictures is committed to bringing the character to the Silver Screen in a serious vein. They want a darker vision than the one presented in cartoon form, where Aquaman rides a sea horse. Pegged for a 2018 release, the film is promising extravagant SFX and now boasts a powerhouse director.

James Wan, fresh off his record-breaking FURIOUS 7, has been approached by Warner Bros. Pictures to direct AQUAMAN. This would be a true prize for Wan who has been mired in horror films for quite a while. Warner’s has talked with Wan, however their is a time problem. Wan is already committed to the FURIOUS 7 sequel, [Fast & Furious 8](tag:1117455) . He is also tagged for THE CONJURING 2. Both these films have ties to Universal studios, and they are not too keen on relinquishing Wan. The WB, which already has deadlines for its superhero flicks, is desperately trying to arrange a workable calendar.

Meanwhile, two different scripts for AQUAMAN are currently, and simultaneously being written. Will Beall is writing one script, while Kurt Johnstad is writing another. Warner executives will select the script they feel more fitting for the series. While AQUAMAN is a stand alone picture, the character will also appear in the upcoming [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) and the planned JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie.


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