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I present my own spidey fancasting: (part 1)

(Its my first.SORRY if there are failures)

Zac efron as : Peter parker/spider-man

I see him as a great pic both for the spider and pete he has the Perfect Balance between Comedy and drama, thats what an actor needs for Spidey

Others: kyle gallner,Dave franco

Alec baldwin as : ben parker

Others: gary oldman

Michelle pfeiffer as : may parker

Others : diane lane

lyndsy fonseca as : Mary j. watson

She would make a great job

she has the look and in my own franchise she is not Peters "hot girlfriend", in my franchise she is a close Friend to peter like harry osborn.

Alan ritchson as : venom/eddie brock

He has the right build and look

I see him as a perfect foe as venom

And A Good Friend as Brock before he gets the black symbiote

Amber heard as : Gwen stacy

Others : dianna agron

Dane dehaan as: Harry osborn

He is VERY Fantastic as harry in TASM 2

J.k simmons as j. Jonah jameson

Come on..yoi know that he plays him to great ;)

Others :peter stormare

Brendan miller as : Flash thompson

He screams Eugenee For meee :)

Robert kneeper as : Green Goblin/Norman osborn

Look at him you can see in his eyes he

Would nail it,He Can Play The Psychopathic Green Maniac on the Glider

And He Would Bring The Coldhearted Father And The selfishly Businessman on the Cinema screens

Others : Willem dafoe

Ciarán Hinds as : Otto octavius / Dr.octopus

I saw him in Ghost rider 2 and he Screams Ock For me

Tom hiddleston as : Cletus Kasady/Carnage

Tom hardy as : Sandman/William baker(Flint marko)


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