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Let me start out by saying, I love the Avengers. I watch the Agents of Shield, I've seen the first movie, I've read some of the comics--by now you should get the point.

Now let me move on to the movie itself. In the midst of the action--which, yes; was cool--it was a bit predictable and too rehearsed. Where they relied on action and plot in the first one, they depended too much on the comedy (which was cliche to say the least) and action scenes that looked too overdone. I get it; they're the Avengers. They depended too much on that in my opinion. It was too fake. The actors--who are normally amazing--seemed like they had rehearsed the scenes one too many times.

For the people who got offended when I said it was too predictable, let's talk about the fact that the artificial intelligence that Stark was trying to control went bad--gee, who could've seen that? Now let's talk about the bad guys (one of which who died--no surprise there...) who suddenly start siding with the good guys because one of them realizes the guy (I mean that loosely obviously) they're working with is actually EVIL. Yeah, who knew that wouldn't happen... I'm not saying it didn't make sense. I'm just saying it was too predictable.

Also, for the people who didn't guess one of the twins was going to die, you haven't seen enough action series movies. Why would they kill of a major character when they can kill off a minor one, like Quick Silver, and still evoke emotion? It's a classic glory kill--snooze if you ask me. I was just waiting for one of them to die, honestly.

I know a lot of people are going to be mad at my review, but so be it. I'm just seeing it how I see it. I watched the whole film and through out the whole thing, I just kept thinking this looks too scripted. I had been so excited to see this--and don't get me wrong it was pretty good with the action and half of the plot line. It just wasn't worth the hype.


What do you think--am I wrong?


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