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Carter Gonzalez

Carter James is a male; early twenties, psychically fit, raven black hair, green eyes, six foot two, and is an Original Character for a SWAT Kats fan fiction called SWAT Kats: Sweet Dreams are made of this. He lives in an apartment with his birth mother, step-dad and pet black cat named Jinx, Carter is about to turn twenty-one. Carter and his Step-Dad don't get along, so his mom tells him to go have fun with his mechanic buddies to celebrate his early birthday not knowing this is the last time he'll ever see his mother again. Carter calls up his two mechanic friends who own their own shop coincidentally named Chance and Jake. They go to the pier for fun; while the trio were having fun, Carter's mom was about to go next door to the cafe that is owned by her best friends, until two armed robbers wearing ski masks come into the apartment to rob the place but John ain't gonna take it. John tried to put up a fight, but the robbers decided to murder Carter's Step-Father John, when Carter's mom heard the gun shot, she screamed causing one of the thugs to kill her on accident. Carter gone to a fortune telling machine, he read his fortune but got a heart breaking phone call from the cops telling him that his mother and step-father were murdered. Returning home Carter saw his Mother's friends weeping and looking sad, when Carter saw the front door of his apartment opened and covered with Police tape, he ran towards the Crime scene but was being held back by his mother's friends. Carter saw the damage of his Dead Mother in a body bag about to be zipped up. Carter was in distraught he screamed so loud the Crime Scene Investigators saw him, the pain and suffering had been exposed. So after the robbers were caught, they were sentenced for life without parole. Carter was so happy that he got justice for his mother's killers, after going back to the apartment Carter decided to pack up with what little stuff he had and decided to live in his Father's Bunker which was on private property.


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