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Ian M. Simpson

For those who don't know me, my name is Ian, and I'm going to take over the world. Well not yet, I actually still have some planning to do. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't have even told you that. On second thought, forget it, just forget it. You will forget it.


Do you see the title of this post? It says Mind Sculptor. That's exactly what I do. I sculpt minds. I read people's minds, and I can alter the mental energy in myself and others to make them think what I want. I can't physically make them do things, but I can make them want to do things. I can make it so that their only goal in life is to do my bidding. These powers also work in reverse. If you know something I don't want you to know, I can make you forget it with ease.

I recently discovered that I can concentrate this mental energy into a physical form, which comes out as swirling blue energy. I can use this energy to generate defensive shields, or I can concentrate the energy into offensive daggers or swords.

So how am I planning on taking over the world with this you ask? Well, to answer that question, you're going to have to learn a little more about me. Sorry.

The Back-Story

For as long as I can remember (and that is a very long time), I have lived in a world that moves slower than me. I have always been able to think quickly, even before I could use my powers to amplify that, but those around me care little for logic and mental prowess.

In high-school, I would walk down the hallways and hear meat-heads yell vulgar comments to others, who would typically retort with further vulgarity. In classrooms, instead of attempting to learn the subjects that were being taught, people would take pictures of the smart kid's notes with their smartphones in order to send them around to everybody. They did the same with quizzes and tests too, and the teachers never cared enough to catch them.

That's when I realized that I could use the general lack of intelligence in my favor. Their minds were so weak that I could fiddle with them easily. If I wanted a dollar to go to a vending machine, I got someone to give me one. They thought that they were just being kind and generous.

As I grew older, I realized that high school wasn't the only place that I could find easily-influenced minds. Many were immune to my influence, but those were the people who already had intelligence. I didn't need to mess with them anyways. My plan all along has been to make a smarter world, ruled by logic and intellect.

A few heroes didn't think kindly of my habits as a puppet-master. A few have tried to shut me down, but they learned that I am handy in a fight. I have learned to use my energy blades well, and even if I am out-matched physically, I can just make it so that they forget that I ever existed.

I now sit hidden away in a location that I will not disclose. There are some who wish to join me in my quest for a better world, and those people have rooted into society, trying to spread the intelligence as much as they can. Heroes will continue to oppose me for some reason or another, but they first have to remember me, and that's not easy to do, because



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