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I just recently got back from watching Age of Ultron a second time, and I must say; it's a little disappointing.

The Pros:

It really delved into the relationships between the different Avengers, which really helped us feel for them more. Also, Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch were portrayed excellently by Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. And Scarlett Witch's abilities were shown off. On top of that, many were worried that, with many new characters coming in and being introduced, these awesome and iconic characters wouldn't have justice done to them, but that was not the case. The characters of...

The Vision...

And Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch, aka Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, were handled perfectly. The music, although done by a different person than the composer of the first Avengers, was also as close to perfect as possible. The continuity was also great. The comedy was a huge success like Captain America saying, "If you die, walk it off" and much more comedy. And although it didn't set up Captain America: Civil War very well, it did help set up Black Panther and Infinity War pretty well. And last but not least, all the actors were giving 110% on there different performances, and Hawkeye was a huge improvement from the first Avengers.

The Cons:

After seeing Ultron in the trailers being the way he should be, Ultron became a let down. One, Ultron made too many jokes for being artificial intelligence. To make that worse, his voice sounded kind of human for a robot. The movie also, as I mentioned earlier, didn't set up Civil War enough, but it did show a lot more controversy between Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Steve Rogers aka Captain America, which did help set up Civil War a tiny bit.

Overall, it was a good film that disappointed us in a few ways. I would still suggest seeing it in theaters three to five times and to pick it up on blue-ray ASAP. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and opinions on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!! Oh, and...

Avengers Assemble!


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