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Just a few words before my next horror history post on the fun event of Free Comic Book day. First it was fun and crowded and all things a comic store event should be. Thanks to Hypno Comics for the great event. Want to just go a bit through the day and make a few observances on the crowd. Not the usual chronicle of events but some observations from someone who has been around a while and has to argue cultural theory and social statistics with my colleagues.

Now what is an old college instructing dude like me doing at a comic store? Having fun that's what!! But also looking around and noticing a few things. Here are some thoughts on the day and the experience.

One, I see article come up now and then talking about the state of comics and the industry as a whole. Stats can say a lot of things but from a view on the ground things are quite robust.

Check out the line

After the store had opened even!
After the store had opened even!

And more line

Actually getting close to the door.
Actually getting close to the door.

and, forget it, having lunch first.

Love those food trucks!!!!
Love those food trucks!!!!

Couple of things that i notice while standing in the line. sort of things that bust some ideas of comics the everyone knows to be true.

1. Comics are for boys, not in this line. This belief, held very dear by marketing executives, is undone by what I saw today. Seemingly equal representation by both genders with, hear this alpha nerds, all having in depth knowledge of the comics and the geek world in general.

2. Minorities were there, including this one writing the article. Now the community of the event i went to is in a very racially mixed area but all races, cultures and creeds were there. There has been talk of ethnic diversity in comics and, at least in the audience, that has been achieves. Now is this true across the country. That would take a lot more travel which I have not the time or the money for but would love to hear from people to see what they saw.

3. Age. this one is a no brainer. Even though I am advertising myself as an old dude I was no where near the oldest one at the event and people of all ages were participating. The breakdown of comic fans is something for a much longer project and may take that up later.

4. Horror. That is the genre that stirs my passion and where was it on a day like today. Well it is in the body of the comics. Content of comics has gone to horror in may ways and that is yet another area i will be exploring in coming entries.

Just a few notes about the day. Will put up another official post very soon.


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