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I've seen almost every Marvel movie that was produced, I enjoying cos-playing; such as my chance to have created my female version of Daryl

No Loki, but Thanos.

So Tony Stark proved himself again! When he jump-starts a dormant peacekeeping program, this is where things get ugly.

Of course Tony "thinks" he's trying to do the world a favor by not only helping it but unleashing villainous Ultron. At first, I was worried the team would of disowned him for his conduct, but they pulled together to help humanity and to keep the world safe. They were however put in place of the ultimate test to help save the planet from destruction.

Was I disappointed in this movie? Of course not, however some parts were a bit dragging. I would give this movie a rating of a B+. What happened to Loki? Wasn't he supposed to have a part in this, from what rumors were telling us? Of course not. Joss Whedon pulled some strings and addressed in an interview:

"We did shoot something and it didn’t play. The movie has so much, is so filled and we didn’t want it to feel overstuffed. I really wanted to have Loki in it but I understood the decision, that it was just like, ‘Now there are too many voices in the chorus.’ At some point the embarrassment of riches is actually embarrassing."

Unfortunately for you fan girls, no, Loki was not in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but is rumored to be part of Thor 3. Thor: Ragnarok plot is set in stone. Thor must restore peace for Asgard as it's being threatened by the Ragnarok, a Norse Apocalypse.

SPOILER: Thanos does make an appearance in Age of Ultron. Whether or not Infinity War takes some plot points from Marvel's 1991 popular Comics series Infinity Gauntlet, to see how Infinity War plays out has me anxiously waiting.

This movie was worth the $12.


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