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i love horror ever since i was a little girl i remembered being the only 12year old with a nightmare on elm street poster on my door and my
Butter Pecan Pa Bonaccorso

Hmmm why men murder their wives that's a question that I haven't found the correct answer to wait minute I don't even think their is a right answer for this .maybe it's all the nagging that drives the man to do such a horrorifc thing to that one person you are supposed to love so dearly you know the till death do us part through sicknesses and in health yhea that person that women. Maybe theirs another women you all know and heard that one I call the Scott Peterson syndrome or the o.j Simpson syndrome .the oh but how could you cheat on me now you must die.I don't know I haven't found the answer yet but to kill your love your soul mate the women who bore you children for 9months is absolute not right in my eyes .whether it was a easy escape like oh I want to be with you it's just my wife she's in my way kinda thing or you cheated on me how could you thing or yhea hey hunny I met a nice piece of young ass and now I want out to be with you but its to late because she put a bullet through you head thing yhea its wrong dead wrong but who iam I to judge right what do you guys think


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