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Uh oh, here comes the hate.

Ok, before you scroll down to the very bottom of this article and leave me your strongly-worded and heavily-opinionated thought, I really think you should read my reasons. Hawkeye, whether people like it or nor, is an Avenger. Sure he's not a thunder God, or a soldier from an earlier time, but I promise you, he's great. Of course, this article is entirely my opinion. If you think Hawkeye is the worse, then that's totally fine by me. But before you go about your day, absolutely confident that Hawkeye is a steaming pile of Aether, let me try and convince you otherwise.

Before we get started, I should warn you that there are going to be some Age of Ultron spoilers in here, as well as mild spoilers that might span across the rest of the MCU. So if you want your mind to stay spoiler-free, don't read this. Not yet. If you are ready to read this, spoilers or not, then please keep reading, and allow me to explain to you my reasoning behind my bold statement: "Hawkeye is the BEST Avenger ever!"

Just Who IS Hawkeye?

Clinton Francis Barton. Like most heroes, Clint's story is a tragic one. Born into a poor family with an alcoholic father and a neglectful mother, Clint's life took a turn for the even worse when he and his brother were orphaned at a young age, after their parents got into a cliche...I mean car accident.

After the accident, Clint and his brother were put in an orphanage, but they escaped shortly after. While on the run, the two brothers encountered circus. In exchange for food and shelter, Clint and his brother agreed to do odd jobs for the performers.

Now here's where I start explaining why he's awesome!

1. He Learned Most Of His Tricks—From Circus Performers!

Now, at first, that statement sounds incredibly lame. He learned his techniques and moves...from carnies? This guy must be incredibly weak! But if you've ever seen Hawkeye in anything, you know that isn't true. Regardless of whether you think he's cool or not, you have to admit, he's got some SWEET moves!

Those moves get only sweeter when you find out that he learned those seemingly extraordinary techniques, from ordinary men just like him. Truly puts into perspective just how hard-working he is. Hawkeye got his training from two performers/criminals, Trickshot and Swordsman.

Trickshot (left) and Swordsman (right)
Trickshot (left) and Swordsman (right)

He didn't go to some dojo or retrieve special abilities from a mystical prophecy or anything like that (looking at you Iron Fist), he just went to a circus. And seeing him in battle with that in your mind, is absolutely mind-blowing. This actually leads me in to the next reason.

2. He Knows He's A Man Among Gods!

Let's one thing out of the way really quick. Yes, Hawkeye has NO POWERS! First off, I really don't understand why everyone always comes back to this when listing reasons why Hawkeye is "lame". Tons of heroes don't have powers. Batman, Green Arrow, Tony Stark! They're all mortal men. But there's something that actually makes Hawkeye greater than all three of those men; he's not rich. Unlike Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, Clint Barton was born in a poor family. And as I said before, he learned his tricks from talented circus performers. So how does that make him better? He still fights!

Hawekeye is very much aware of his powerlessness. He knows that he's a mortal man with only a bow and arrow, and some fighting moves. But that's exactly why he's so awesome! He fights with and against god-like men and women, and not only does he never give up, he can actually hold his own!

A Natural Born Fighter!

The fact that he stands with the Hulk in battle is one thing, but he's actually threatened and gotten into tussles with the Hulk before! And while he hasn't really won against him on his own (Black Widow or S.H.I.E.L.D intervened), he has survived against the likes of Wolverine and Deadpool, two nearly immortal mutants with very sharp objects in their positions.

Any other man in his position would have given up or died long ago, but not Hawkeye! He knows he's a mortal man, but he also knows it's his job to make sure the "Gods" don't ever feel too powerful!

He Has Realistic Weaknesses

Like I said, Hawkeye's a mortal. If you cut him, he bleeds, if you punch, he bruises. Heck, if you throw him off the Empire State Building without his bow and trick arrows to save him, he dies. Also like I said, he keeps fighting despite these weaknesses. But it's these weaknesses that make him such a relatable and motivational hero. He can get sick, hurt, bruised, scarred; but you never see him give up. Hawkeye is a representation of all of us normal humans who look up and envy the likes of Iron Man and Captain America.

He proves that even the little man can play with the big boys! But his biggest weakness, is also his greatest strength.

He's A Family Man

Yep, Hawkeye has a family. A loving wife and two kids. This is what singles him out from other heroes. He's not just fighting for the world, he's fighting for something a little more personal.

Ok, time for the final reason for why I think Hawkeye is the best Avenger!

He Is Worthy Of The Title 'Goliath'!

Goliath is the superhero moniker once used by Hank Pym, the man known as Ant-Man, or Giant-Man at times.

Clint knows he's the weakest member of the Avengers, and so he was starting to feel insecure about it. There was even a moment when he thought about retiring from superhero-ing all together. But one day, Hank tells the team that he's retiring the Goliath persona, and switching to his Yellowjacket persona permanently (he had a lot of personas). After a distress signal is sent from Black Widow, Clint uses Hank's growth serum and saves her.

After this, Hanks approves him as the new Goliath. Now, Hank is not exactly the most sane person in the world, or the most goodhearted. But he's smart, and very possessive of all of his hi-tech gear and inventions. He only trusts the most worthy of people to use any of his inventions. So the fact that he chose Hawkeye, over geniuses like Tony or Bruce, or a God like Thor, is something to definitely take note of.

So those are my reasons for why I'm a Hawkeye fan! But hey, if you don't like Hawkeye that's totally cool! But just out of curiosity...

Who is your favorite Avenger?

If you have a favorite Avenger, why not writing about him or her in an article here on Moviepilot? And remember to check out the newest episode of 'Now Conspiring', as that episodes' 'Question of the Week' inspired this article!

Thanks for reading!


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