ByGuytano Law, writer at

Looking at DreamWorks Animation' track record,as of late,I was skeptical of the movie home. I was pleasantly and you will be too!

The movie has an excellent cast, featuring Jim Parsons,Rhianna and Steve Martin. Watching the big theory alot,Jim Parsons translates very well as a screw up alien.

The boov are an alien race,that's running from thier enemy. To escape them,they do maintenance on earth. Oh (Jim Parsons),isn't liked by his friends. That's when Tip(Rhianna) is thrown into the mix and the story really takes off!

The movie is fun,funny,looks great and has a great message. My mother problem with the movie,is something that wouldn't make sense,for this movie,tone.

Most recent DreamWorks movies,have a great tone and setting. Home seemed playful,yet wanted to be serious. I recommend checking it out!


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