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It has been nearly thirty years since the release of the first Final Fantasy game, and during that time, the series has come to be known for many things; deep stories and lore, gorgeous graphics and cinematics, and intense love stories. But the greatest thing that Final Fantasy has given us may be the music that accompanies each game.

Music has the ability to make or break a video game, and can easily become the most memorable aspect of a title as well. There is no greater example of this than the Final Fantasy series. There are fourteen games in the main series, and a countless number of spin-offs and sequels. Today, we will taking a look at fourteen of the best songs from the franchise: one from each of the main games, plus one additional new song that is sure to excite those of us anxiously awaiting the release of Square Enix's next title. So take some time to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the beautiful music of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy – Prelude (The Crystal Theme)

This is, without a doubt, the iconic Final Fantasy song. Its slow-moving arpeggios, fifth harmonies, and strange chord progressions give it an ethereal sense of mystery, but also a feeling of contained excitement. It appears in every Final Fantasy game in the main series in one form or another, often as menu or game over music. This arrangement from Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III also includes the "Final Fantasy Main Theme", which is a sweeping melody that adds grandeur and adventure to the piece.

Final Fantasy II – Battle Theme 2

This battle theme plays during the final battle of Final Fantasy II against The Emperor. From its opening moments, it is dark, intense, and frightening. Final Fantasy II is typically looked upon as one of the weakest points in the series, and unfortunately lacks not only in the gameplay department, but the musical department as well. But "Battle Theme 2" certainly stands out as one of the more memorable pieces of music from Final Fantasy II.

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