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Every year in March, my hometown hosts a 10k and 6k evening run, with proceeds going to various local charities. I have participated in the run for the past three years, and have learned one important lesson during that time: the music that you run to can make or break you. In 2014, my playlist for the evening was hastily thrown together at the last minute, and consisted of songs that I thought would pump me up. But in the end, I ditched my headphones halfway through the race and ended up with my worst time by far.

I didn't want to make that mistake again this year, so I decided to try a musical experiment; one that would (hopefully) push me to the finish line faster than ever. I decided to run to a carefully crafted playlist made up entirely of awesome music from video games. And the result was amazing. Each song provided a different feel and intensity, and each was chosen with care. Today, I'll be revisiting the tracks that were most effective in helping me to keep on running until I obliterated last year's miserable finish time.

Dragon Slayer (Rayman Legends)

The music from the Rayman series, especially since its recent reboot with Rayman Origins, is incredible. Rayman Legends not only has great music, but also incorporates songs into the actual gameplay of the last level of each world. I used "Dragon Slayer" to start off my run, due to its slow beginning, but quick transition into a steady, rocking pace. Although it is a relatively short song, it provided a huge boost right from the start of the race that carried me through for quite some time.

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