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The sci-fi genre continues to grow and more shows and movies are looking to capitalize on this trend. Team Galaxy was a science fiction action-comedy series on Cartoon Network that ran from 2006 to 2007. The show focused on a galaxy cadet academy that trained students to become intergalactic police officers. Team Galaxy was an interesting show and has potential to go beyond television if the series was taken to the silver screen in the form of a live-action feature.

Here's the official plot synopsis for the show:

"Team Galaxy" is about a group of friends who try to balance both their school work and their free time. The three protagonists, Josh, Yoko, and Brett, are among the students of a school called "Galaxy High", a galactic justice authority, which defends the galaxy against criminality. The school teaches subjects suitable for these types of missions, which their students endure. The series apparently takes place during the present day, but in an episode where they go through a time skip, a calendar says that the year is 2051, hinting that the actual series takes place in 2050.

Team Galaxy had an interesting format since the show focused on a different crime each episode that sometimes tied into a bigger conspiracy or over-reaching story. The main characters would try to investigate each of the crimes and something almost always went wrong. The show tried to emphasize team work and trust since there were a few episodes that tested the team's ability to stay together and operate effectively even after a feud or disagreement drove a rift between them. Basically, team galaxy demonstrated the ability to have a focused narrative with character-growth and humor.

This movie idea might be considered a waste of time especially since there are similar ideas floating around or existing films that are similar,but Team Galaxy does have an identity of its own that could be realized on the big screen. The team is made up of different character personalities and the world building and ship designs could be interesting to see on screen. There are currently no plans to make this show into a movie but it could be exciting idea if used.


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