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I'll make a man out of you? If you don't already know that disney has a live action Mulan movie in development then here is a reminder.Disney has begun a trend of turning their animated classics into live action features in order to add something new to the old tales.Mulan was first adapted into an animated feature in 1998 with the title character being voiced by Ming-na-wen.The film won critical acclaim for it's sound track as well as the themes it presented.

With such a film there is the concern that disney might not honor the diversity in a way that is honest and respectful.The casting of this film will become critical in determining its overall success.Ultimately the greatest critics of the film will be the ethnic group that is presented in the film.There was already a live action Mulan film but disney has a chance to slightly improve upon what was done in that film or simply present something different.

There is already a fan favorite to play the female heroine and that would be Ming-na wen.Wen has been in a number of films such as push,street-fighter, and plenty of other films. currently she is on agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and continues to impress fans with how fit she is and how well she can pull off action sequences.Despite Wen being a fan favorite it is unlikely that she will get the role due to her age( excuse the Ageism).Wen is capable enough to do it but she will most likely be looked over in order to bring in a fresh face for the project.The movie also has no scheduled release date and so there is no telling how old she will be by the time the production begins and by the time it ends.


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