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We've all been waiting for the Avengers :AoU for a long time since it was announced and unfortunately tough it has a few plot holes. I'm not saying that the Avengers : AoU is a bad movie, in fact it's a great movie and I liked it!

Comic book purists might complain that some of their favourite characters have been messed with, fans of threats and death might suggest there isn’t enough doom for a sequel, and amateur editors will see it as rushed in places. All are pertinent complaints, and all deserve reference, especially since some of them actually impact the logic of the plot.

With so many plot elements to tie up and new characters to throw into the mix, Joss Whedon’s sequel drops the ball a number of times. It’s entirely forgivable, because the action and the pace just about make up for it in the first 2 or 3 viewings, but over time, there are some problems that just might take some of the gloss off for you.

They are the plot-holes, narrative contrivances and downright mistakes that you would hope a project this big and this expensive might have ironed out before release. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

1. Where is Falcon most of the time?

When Nick Fury rides his helicarrier in at the last moment to save all of the Sokovians (who presumably can all be relied upon to keep Fury actually being alive and the continued existence of SHIELD a secret), he brings the cavalry. Or more specifically, he brings War Machine, who gets all cocky and shoots down some of Ultron’s drones single-handedly.

Heroic stuff, but where exactly was Falcon? He’s supposed to be Captain America’s dependable deputy trusted to lead his “missing person’s case”, with serious combat experience and helpful wings that would have come in really useful against the drones. And yet he doesn’t turn up.

Didn’t Fury invite him? This is the same Falcon who is then mysteriously promoted to the Avengers main team, despite earlier in the film saying he was happy not being an Avenger at all. Had he been involved in the battle, you might believe he’d earned a field commission (as War Machine, Scarlet Witch and Vision clearly do), but he basically got invited to the big leagues by being a coward.

2. Why Didn’t Quicksilver Just Carry Hawkeye And The Kid To Safety?

Heroic sacrifices are all well and good, but they’re usually not as flawed as when Pietro gives his own life to save Hawkeye and the Sokovian kid from Ultron’s hail of bullets.

He’s a superhero, capable of incredible speed (to the point that bullets are easily dodgeable earlier in the film) and feats of strength: yet instead of picking up Barton and the kid (not out of the question since he can easily shoulder-barge Ultron to the floor), he just stands in the way and dies. Given how fast he is, he would literally have to stand and watch the bullets bore into him slowly.

The other point, rather more pertinently is that Quicksilver clearly fails to actually stop any of the bullets. The Quinjet is obviously armed with some significant artillery (if it was shooting hand-held ammunition, it would be useless against vehicles), and if you needed any further evidence of the fact, just look at Quicksilver after he’s shot. He’s literally swiss cheese, with entry AND exit wounds.

In other words, all he did in reality was slow the still fatal bullets down. And yet Hawkeye and the kid miraculously survived?

3.Why Doesn’t Ultron Control Any Enemy Tech?

So, Ultron’s first scene ends with him escaping the Avengers (having pilfered Loki’s sceptre) by jumping into their wifi connection and surfing the internet to Baron Von Strucker’s base in Sokovia (which handily still has the internet turned on, obviously).

It’s fairly well established that he can use this means of transportation to “infect” tech, as he does at Avengers tower to build himself a body out of spare parts, as well as in the Sokovian base. So why doesn’t he ever think about doing the same thing to disable the Avengers’ own tech?

Rather than letting them use their high-tech vehicles and systems (which he left in perfect working order despite wiping all of their research) to come and find him and thwart his plans, he just left them unmolested. Which includes the Hulkbuster suit: a walking armoury attached to the Internet (via Tony’s Iron Man suit – he Googles “Hulk” at one point in flight).

Surely if Ultron’s plan was to have Hulk rampage so much that he’d be blasted off into space or something, then incapacitating the security measure built to limit any “episodes” should have been first on his To Do List.

4.Ultron Having Tony Stark’s Personality Doesn’t Actually Make Sense

The idea that Ultron picks up Tony Stark’s personality quirks and his failings is a romantic one and appeals on a couple of levels. Obviously it allows James Spader to do his thing – turning his appearance into an actual performance, rather than just a reading – and it also brings up the idea of Stark’s personality flaws being responsible for his rash behaviour.

And of course it also introduces Ultron’s compulsion to “improve” himself and create Vision as his idea of what perfection looks like.

But while some complaints about Ultron’s personality will pick up on things like him not knowing the word for children when he’s basically main-lining the Internet constantly, there’s a far more fundamental issue with it.

Tony Stark never actually programmes anything of himself into Ultron. He is actually created by accident, under JARVIS’ vague supervision, and it’s not as if Stark plugs himself into the mainframe the way Ultron does for Vision.

Plus, if his personality quirks were merely an inherent mark of the creator, why is there nothing of Banner in there? And how come JARVIS is such a pleasant, well-mannered creation?

5.The Avengers’ Plans Are Terrible

What is the first thing you do when you’ve taken down a heavily fortified HYDRA base full of intergalactic weapons in a country that is noticeably aggressive towards the Avengers (and as an extension, the entire West)?

Why, you retrieve one item from the base and then down tools and go for a party, of course!

The Avengers have literally no contingency plan for guarding the HYDRA base in Sokovia. They’re so short-sighted – or so self-involved – that they fail to leave even a skeleton crew to defend the place, let alone actually removing the Chitauri weapons and tech, or the AI that Tony Stark admits he saw in the base.

Instead, they just casually leave it all lying around, in an unguarded castle, so Ultron can go and find it as easily as if they’d plugged him directly into it.

Any other plot holes? Just let me know below!


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